Roof Restorations

Roof Restorations


Give an old roof new life.

And you’ll save a lot of money, time and trouble. At Phoenix Roofing, we always try to preserve an existing roof. It’s far more economical upfront—less than half the price on average—and can save countless dollars in immediate tax write-offs.

Although the process may differ from roof to roof, any type of roof system can be a great candidate for restoration.

Save time, money and trouble

Give an old roof new life

Why is restoration better than replacement?

  • It’s much less expensive! On average, restorations cost $3–$5/sq. ft. versus $7–$12 for replacements
  • You can get tax write offs. Restorations are financed through maintenance, but replacements come from capital budgets
  • It’s faster and less disruptive to the building and business
  • It’s possible to get insurance and energy rebates

What is typically done?

Reinforcing or Replacing

  • Missing, broken or rusted fasteners
  • Penetration flashings, wall and curb flashings and edge detail flashings
  • Roof drains, gutters and down spouts


  • Tape and mesh
  • A new elastomeric waterproof coating or full roof coating

What are the first steps?


A thorough P-Roof Evaluation: A total evaluation of your roof’s health and history


A moisture survey, core analysis and infrared scan to find sources of water penetration


A detailed plan of the best roofing solutions to restore your roof

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