P-Roof Evaluations

P-Roof Evaluations


Not really sure what shape your roof is in? Over time, minor issues can turn into massive problems.

Lower Roofing Costs

Staying ahead of repairs before they become emergencies can lower roofing costs by up to 50%.

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Routine maintenance can nearly double the lifespan of your roof—from an estimated 13 to 25 years.

P-Roof Inspection Points

We’ll find out everything you need to know about your roof.
From the outside in.

Assessing General Roof Condition

  • Drainage & Water Damage / Physical Damage
    • For Flat / Membrane Roofs
      Surface Condition / Coating Condition / Granular Loss / Punctures / Cracks & Alligatoring / Blisters & Fistmouths / Ponding
    • For Sloped Roofs
      Surface Condition / Asphalt (granular loss, curling or bending) / Tile or Slate (chips or cracks) / Metal (Corrosion, loose joints, or panel damage)

Inspecting Roof Features

Flashing / Skylights / Sofit / Underlayment / Gutters & Downspouts / Skylights / Chimneys & Vents / Fall Arrest Anchors / Control Zone Access

Inspecting Interior Roofing Condition

Roof Deck Drainage / Drywall / Water Staining / Water Leaks / Ceiling Tiles / Finish Deformation / Window & Wall Leaks

P-Roof Reporting

P-Roof reports are comprehensive and detailed—you’ll have all the information you need to proactively manage your roof, including budgetary considerations and scheduling recommendations.

  • Composition reporting
  • Moisture documentation
  • Hazardous materials
  • Needs prioritization
  • Budgeting
  • Cost estimates
  • Snow removal plans
  • Photo documentation

Why P-Roof Evaluation


Maximize the life-expectancy of your roof. We believe in roof preservation and will do everything possible to avoid a reroof.


We’ll assess your roof down to the smallest detail and keep it working for years to come.


Think of maintaining a roof as you would maintaining a car. When common-sense car maintenance is neglected, the car will age quickly, and if the neglect continues, a new car will need to be purchased soon. The same applies to your roof.


A costly reroof project drains cash reserves and must be depreciated, while repairs and maintenance are immediate tax write-offs that are inexpensive by comparison.


Our assessments aren’t only comprehensive—they’re a great deal financially. For qualifying customers, we’re happy to credit assessment costs toward repairs.

Need an even more powerful inspection?

Although general commercial roof inspections do not include these services, sometimes you need to look deeper to discover the root cause of roof problems. Phoenix has the equipment to handle that too.

Infrared Moisture Surveys


Asbestos Material Testing

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